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WESY delivers unparalleled Voice optimisation for Service Providers
Why use expensive private circuits when you can get the same guaranteed performance using WESY over the internet!

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Patented QoS

WESY utilises our patented Quality of Service that prioritises Voice communications in real time as they should be whilst operating with other traffic on the network. Our solution reduces the amount of bandwidth a call requires by up to 80% without affecting the quality ensuring business grade call service.


Standard functionality includes the ability to fail over to any other network without losing calls in progress or having to reset phones and other equipment. Our enhanced RAIN mode ensures call failover is so seamless users will not even notice there has been a network glitch the failover is instantaneous.


For areas with limited bandwidth the ability to bond multiple circuits together to aggregate the bandwidth delivers improved speeds. ViBE bonds up to 8 circuits of any type together.


Full industry standard encryption techniques are supported and built on with our own Obfuscation techniques that ensure the integrity of your call traffic.

Over 50,000 sites globally use WESY to ensure the quality and security of their Voice Traffic. ViBE delivers higher MOS scores for VoIP traffic than anything else.

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WESY works with any GMS gateway and delivers a significant opportunity for companies in the Gateway and Voice Termination market to add value to services they have.







Deployment for SSW and GSM Gateways


Core features for Termination market

Our solution delivers Header Compression to ensure that vital bandwidth is not wasted. The actual Codec in use is not compressed only the Header ensuring that call quality is preserved. WESY delivers up to 500% more traffic over the same bandwidth. As example, a typical G.729 call without WESY would use around 43kbps of bandwidth including the header information. ViBE reduces the bandwidth required to 8.1kbps. This ensures you get a huge increase in possible call traffic over any bandwidth.
Increased call throughput

WESY ensures the integrity of your traffic through standard encryption techniques as well as further Obfuscation techniques to ensure you call security is preserved with added abilities to modify traffic profiles.

WESY’s patented QoS ensures that calls are delivered at a level others cannot match. WESY delivers byte level QoS ensuring clear communications regardless of whether there is other traffic using the same bandwidth. In addition, WESY has features that mitigate the effects of Packet Loss and Jitter to ensure calls can be delivered at high quality over networks that would otherwise not support call traffic. In addition, it has latency mitigation technology to make using Satellite links easier for Voice.
Quality of call Traffic

WESY can bond up to 8 circuits together of any type to ensure that even in locations where bandwidth is scarce you can create a solution to meet your bandwidth needs.

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